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Why we’re here


For far too long the dead and dying have been considered the responsibility of strangers: a passage overseen in hospitals and nursing homes, our bodies handed over to professionals, most of whom are caring and compassionate, but we feel powerless. We grieve, not only at the loss of loved ones but our loss of control over both the natural process of dying and arranging anything other than a kind of standard funeral, which whether religious or secular often seems to be devoid of any meaningful spirituality.

Planning for our own deaths poses a similar challenge, with the added difficulty for many of us that our families may not fully understand or support our needs. Perhaps, we think, if we plan ahead we can at least make our wishes clear – but many of the plans on offer seem only to follow the usual pattern, and they are expensive!  The average UK funeral today costs nearly £4,000, and this is expected to rise to nearly £6,500 by 2025. In addition, many of the services included in these standard pre-planned funerals, such as embalming, are both unnecessary and positively harmful to the environment.

Misty Tor

We at the Glastonbury Goddess Temple feel that it is time we provided services that help to achieve a good death, a sacred experience not only for the person who is involved but their families, friends and the wider community. We wish to offer more than a celebrancy service, although that is available in many areas right now, as are memorial services. In addition, we can provide a Death Doula/End of Life Companion service from the start – please see our services for more details, and contact us if you would like more information.  We also have an ashes scattering service – more details here.

We’re also working towards offering a full Home Funeral service in the near future, which could enable you to prepare the body of a family member or friend with with love and gentle care, while we support you in the full process.