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Going home to Goddess...

Poetry and Funerals

Avalon - photo by Lorraine Pickles

When I trained to be a funeral celebrant we were given a folder of wonderful poems, all with a funeral theme (there are also many funeral poems available on the internet). For me, poetry can play a key part in a funeral, because poetry can express the inexpressible, it can both act as a salve, and an attempt to connect to things higher than ourselves. It can also be an attempt to try to understand the mystery of death itself, and the question we often ask when faced with the death of a loved one–or indeed thoughts of our own death–what exactly happens when we die?

This question is one that people have asked for centuries, and here at Goddess Temple Funerals we don’t profess to have the answer! Often it is a question of belief, of listening to that part of us that feels connected with the Divine within, an inner knowing if you will.  The place where poetry dwells…

I recently wrote a poem I would like to share with you. I hope it may mean something to you. Do send us any poems you have either written yourself, or a poem that has really spoken to you. We would love to be able to share it on our page.

Return to Avalon

I have visited this place often in my dreams –
Here the Crone Goddess lifts me up,
And places me once more on Her swan’s back –
Carrying me across the moonlit sky
To Avalon – an island once more.
As dawn breaks, I hear priestesses chanting
And the murmur of birdsong.
And lest I should ache for all those I have known and loved
I am carried again to a place
Where it is always summer –
Where the wind ruffles the waters of the lake
And the bulrushes dance.
And I will find Love here,
It will cover me gently as the mists come down,
Reflected in the stillness of Her face –
It will be both a homecoming, and a returning.

©Lorraine Pickles, February 2018