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Taking Death Café to Colourfest 2018

Outdoor stalls & spaceDeath café has been presented and offered at different festivals before. This was Colourfest’s first Death Café and my first time running one at a festival, so I was so delighted to be hosting this one. This festival is described as “A dynamic, beautiful and constantly evolving gem of a gathering celebrating life through connection, ceremony, yoga, dance, music, art, theatre and playfulness.”

I was scheduled for Friday and Saturday. On Friday twenty or so people arrived;  the indoor venue room that we were scheduled was not appropriate to use and I was asked to move to the tiny bar which was in fact too small. Unfortunately, a couple of people left and or didn’t stay as they popped in, whilst the others were ok to continue in the compact space.

I began with a minute’s silence to remember those who have gone before and then followed with an introduction of myself and how death cafés began, the purpose of them and then an encouragement to discuss any aspect around death and dying. I suggested that the conversations could be held in small clusters of about three to four small groups. I provided a selection of herbal teas as I thought this would be the most simple method, along with some biscuits. Read More…

Making a Will

In November I had my will re-written and on this occasion it was professionally written by a solicitor. Previously I have done DIY wills bought from the Post Office or a High Street shop. l update my will roughly every five years or so and as I was aware of the Will Aid Scheme, thought that I would do this update as a comparison. Will Aid is a scheme that is available every November, where one can get a will written for a donation of around £95.00. Will Aid is a partnership between the legal profession and nine UK charities. Every November, participating solicitors waive their fee for writing a basic will. Instead, they invite clients to make a voluntary donation to Will Aid –they suggest £95 for a single basic will and £150 for a pair of basic ‘mirror’ wills.

My new will details/wishes were more or less taken from the previous will that I had written, as I brought it in to discuss. The only significant change to note was adding the addresses of those whom I want to benefit from my will. These were advised to be included in the will rather than on a separate piece of paper, and it proved helpful as I became aware that I didn’t have all the addresses. Read More…