and end of life care
Going home to Goddess...

Our Vision

So many of us wish to go home to Goddess when the time comes, to allow our bodies gently to return to the elements, to the beautiful green earth who gave us birth.

When we die, let us go home to Her in the sunshine and rain, wind and waters.

Let us become Her flowers and trees, Her deserts and oceans.

Let us return to the mystery, to Her arms and be enfolded in Her love.

yew berries

We are taking back our power, reclaiming our right as Goddess people to care for our loved ones and to hope and plan for such care for ourselves as we make our own final journeys.

We are taking back our power to arrange the funerals we want for ourselves, our families and friends: funerals in which our Goddess spirituality is an honoured and integral part of the ceremony.

We at the Glastonbury Goddess Temple feel that it is time we provided services to help achieve a good death, a sacred experience not only for the person who is involved but their families, friends and the wider community. We wish to offer more than celebrancy, although that is available in some areas right now, as are memorial services and a Death Doula/End of Life Companion service – please see our services for more details, and contact us if you would like more information.

We are priestesses who have also trained as funeral celebrants and recognise a need to provide a Goddess-centred funeral service both in the Glastonbury/Avalon area and further afield – you can read about us here.

We can also help if you wish to have your ashes, or those of a loved one, scattered or buried in a cherished location in the sacred landscape that is Her body.  Click here for more details.

We’re also working towards offering a full Home Funeral service in the near future, which could enable you to prepare the body of a family member or friend with love and gentle care, while we support you in the full process.